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Last update August 11, 2014

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Saturday, August 30th, beginning at 7pm

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Thanks to everyone who came to the July 4th BBQ and to the July 5th Town Hall Meeting.

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Thanks to everyone who helped out at Dock Clean-up Day! Check out the pictures on the Community Page. 

Click here for information regarding the 2013 Special Assessment.

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IMPORTANT: All CBTB Payments should be sent to Kilmarnock Tax & Accounting Services,22 East Church Street, The Palmer Building, P.O. Box 2282, Kilmarnock, Virginia  22482.  For questions regarding payments please call 804-436-0829.

The pool is now open! Property owners in good standing may pick up their new gate key and access bracelets any day of the week from Noon to 8 pm from one of the pool attendants. You still need to fill out a pool membership application, but the fee for 2014 has been waived.