The special assessment vote passed at the January 16th meeting.

IMPORTANT: Effective August 8, 2015 - All CBTB Payments should now be sent to Rivers Accounting, P. O. Box 406, White Stone, VA 22578. For questions regarding payments please call 804-436-9211.

Next Board Meeting
The next board meeting will be at 9AM Saturday, February 13th at the CBTB Clubhouse

Special Assessment Letter

Linkto the November 14, 2015 Special Assessment Letter.

Replacement Reserve Report

Link to the 2015 CBTB Replacement Reserve Report

Link to Budget to Actual - 10/31/15

Link to October 2015 Cash Assets

Link to December 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Link to December 2015 Cash Assets

For Board Meeting Minutes, go to  Documents page.

Click here for information regarding the 2013 Special Assessment.





New Accounting Firm

All payments should now be sent to: Rivers Accounting,
P. O. Box 406, White Stone, VA 22578, (804) 436-9211

New Collection Policy

On August 8, 2015 the CBTB Board approved a new

collection policy. Click here for the new policy

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